Therma V can address problems of heating, hot water and cooling in summer, and the use of solar energy with one system. Therma V provides total heating solution couple with sanitary hot water tank and solar thermal panel. Also, when the Therma V is installed with a conventional boiler, the two systems can both be alternately used according to the temperature. When floor heating is conducted in a new house, warm air spreads gently across the house, making it comfortable, and enabling the use of broadspace without necessitating radiators or FCU. Also, in the case of house renovation, the following diverse applications are possible according to the user’s installation environment and needs.

Therma V uses the Easy Controller to check detailed operational information and a change in temperature of the whole system. Scheduled operation is possible according to the user’s needs. Also, equipped with a knob attached to the Hydrokit and the external unit, Therma V is easy to install and carry. According to the user’s circumstances and convenience, the system can be set for either water temperature or air temperature. In particular, Therma V’s Controller provides the Emergency Operation function to enable the user to use it safely in the cold winter as well.

Therma V basically provides both heating and cooling solutions in the summer, making it usable throughout the four seasons. In summer, cold air can be blown from the fan coil unit, and indoor temperatures can be lowered to be cool through the underfloor pipe and radiator. Also, the installation of a Therma V will eliminate oil or gas tanks, making the house’s surroundings neater and safer, enabling the use of more space, and avoiding refueling. When floor heating is applied, warm air spreads gently across the house, making it comfortable, and enabling the use of more space without necessitating radiators or FCU. The system can help blood circulation and metabolism, further boosting our health.

Therma V can provide a solution to the ever-worsening environment due to fossil energy. Therma V basically gets most of its energy from the clean air in the atmosphere, it has the advantage of discharging a far smaller amount of CO2 compared to other fossil fuel heating systems. With a boiler, you may transpire up to 3,335kg of CO2 a year, but with Therma V only 323kg of CO2 are transpired. This reduces 90% of annual CO2. Also, Therma V can be interconnected with 100% clean solar energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions remarkably.

Therma V uses free energy in air, and adopts the inverter technology. So, it is far more fuel-efficient compared to other heating devices and, thus, is very economical. When you use a gas or oil boiler, or an electric radiator, you can get exactly the same effect based on your input. However, Therma V, with the application of the same amount of energy, emits more than four energy items, which can be used. This is the strength of the air to water heat pump to which LG inverter technology is applied. The price of electricity is relatively stable compared to those of oil or gas, thus cutting more costs as the time passes.